​​Jack Haight is a Two Spirited, long term survivor of HIV and Hepatitis C.  A graduate from the Ontario AIDS Network PHA Leadership Training Program, Jack completed all levels within the pilot group.  Jack currently holds a Traditional Aboriginal Healing Methods/Native Community Worker Diploma.   Jack has been trained in many emotional healing modalities that emphasizes strengths based solutions focus.  He has done his own 20 year healing journey and many trainings with men's emotional healing work.  

Despite the lack of any exit strategy for Methadone Maintenance Therapy (MMT), Jack developed a pain management protocol for himself with his provider that enabled him to transition from MMT.  Jack provides Methadone Consulting in the First Nations Community and is a expert in all facets of Harm Reduction and he is well versed in social determinants of health and mental health impacts on access to treatment, care and support and associated health outcomes.  

Jack assisted with the CAMH Provincial Opiate Project and the Chatham Kent Municipal Drug Awareness Council Board of Directors.  At the Canadian Treatment Action Council, he was a founding member of the Aboriginal working group and he assisted the CTAC Hepatitis and HIV working group.  Currently, he is a member of Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network, All Nations of Hope, Two-Spirited Toronto, the Canadian Treatment Action Council and the Ontario Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Strategy.

Jack is involved as a collaborator on research projects, "Family Matters", "Health and Longevity Study of Two Spirited HIV Positive People in Ontario" and a Indigenous HCV Research Team.  Jack values his involvement in community based research.

Jack spends his days with his long term partner and his dog, "Buddy".

Donald  comes from a Metis background of Blackfeet Nation/Black Canadian.  His life journey had led him to embrace his Native Spirituality.  Donald identifies himself as a Metis 2-Spirited person.  Being a long term HIV + survivor of 20 plus years he has realized sharing some of his life's journey may help others.  

Donald has been trained as a Medicine Wheel facilitator as well as in other healing modalities.  He is a member of the National Aboriginal Hepatitis C Council and has five years as a Facilitator with Aids Bereavement Resiliency Project of Ontario, and is presently Lead facilitator for Medicine Wheel Spirit Shadow Dance.  

Donald feels very strongly that his Native teachings and spirituality along with Western medicine is the right combination for him to have balance and harmony.  Donald spends his time giving talks and running emotional healing workshops with the teachings of the medicine wheel and Sacred Tree around Canada.

The Wholistic Healing Map tool was constructed by Donald Turner, by drawing on the wisdom and experiences of 20 years of living with HIV and Hep C.  Donald saw Gabe Kakeeway's  Talking Turtle in the mid 90's at a Healing Our Spirit conference. When Donald became a Medicine Wheel facilitator, those teachings served as the basis for our teachings.  Utilizing a Traditional tool to assist other people in viewing their situation holistically.  This multi-dimensional viewing allows people a chance to discuss deep truths about their thoughts, feelings, actions, spirituality.


Medicine Wheel Lead Facilitator

Native Community Worker

20 years experience

jACK hAIGHT ,t.a.h.m.

Medicine Wheel Facilitator

Native Community Worker

20 years experience